5 Benefits of Working With An Autoimmune Diet + Lifestyle Coach

It's not uncommon when receiving a diagnosis that one would expect that their doctors would give them all the support that they need, Including guidelines for diet and lifestyle changes.

And many doctors want to be supportive to you throughout your autoimmune journey.

However, the reality is:

  1. The experience of our symptoms occurs daily, affecting our quality of life

  2. It's our job to put their diet and lifestyle recommendations into place for ourselves

  3. We can find someone who has the skills and experience to help us do so


Work with an Autoimmune Diet + Lifestyle Coach

An Autoimmune Diet + Lifestyle Coach works with people living with autoimmunity, who need to be encouraged and guided on implementing several lifestyle changes either at the recommendation of a client's trusted health professional or of their own desire.

Adding a Coach to your wellness team is an act of self-care and I have 5 benefits to prove it.

Benefit #1

They have been where you are. They are people who know first-hand what it's like to live with autoimmunity because, not only do they also live with it, but they have also overcome their own diet + lifestyle hurdles and looking to grab your hand to help you overcome yours.

Benefit #2

They can help you clarify your wellness goals. Even though commonalities exist underneath the "autoimmune umbrella", the experience of autoimmunity is very personal. You are the expert of your body, belief and desires. An autoimmune diet + lifestyle coach is the expert of guiding you to a place of deeper understanding and clarity so that you will be inspired to get in touch with your individual needs.

Benefit #3

They bring levels of nutrition and fitness experience to the table. They are people who have completed professional training in nutrition, AIP (Autoimmune Protocol), and Certified Personal Training. This particular combination of experience makes it easy for them to educate you about food intolerance while reinforcing your understanding of anti-inflammatory foods and what a change in diet may look like for you.

With exercise and movement being a foundation of health, having a coach who can introduce movement to your lifestyle safely, could really be game changing for people who experience stiffness more often than they would like to.

Benefit #3

They have a plan for your wellness. It's through our symptoms that autoimmunity is experienced and an autoimmune diet + lifestyle coach can work with you to create

routines that will help to restore balance in eating, exercise, sleep, and stress.

Benefit #4

They put the A in Accountability. Change isn't easy for everyone, especially when you're not feeling like yourself. They're here to hold you to your choices and your actions and encourage you to continue down a path to your best self with a guided support system available to you every day.

The Takeaway

Autoimmune diet + lifestyle coaches delve deeper into the challenges of your journey with autoimmunity, clarifying what you would like to be different. Together, you and your coach will create a plan to achieve your goals that you can follow - with the support of your coach.

My name is Nicole Orisich

I am an empty-nest Mom, a wife and a Black woman thriving with Hashimoto's hypothyroidism. I know what it's like to overcome my own struggles with diet and lifestyle changes and as an Autoimmune Diet + Lifestyle Coach, I am here to help other Black women do the same.

Consultations are complimentary and can be booked here!


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