Ever Wondered What the Difference Was Between Plant-Based and Vegan?

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We need to talk about the plant-based, vegan and vegetarian lifestyles cause chile, they are not the same.

Grab your water because we're going to talk about it!


let's get into the vegan lifestyle

Vegans are people who avoid all animal products.

I mean like all. animal. products.

Vegans do not eat poultry, dairy, or eggs.

They also don't eat meat or seafood.

Vegans have a strict code of consumption that restricts products that even come from animals like honey, bone broth and collagen.

When it comes down to it, vegans really don't cosign the killing of animals for consumption whether we're eating them or wearing them or laying on them or using them on any level.

If you're someone who thrives off of eating vegetables

Or someone who's never really had a great rapport with eating any animal products due to sensitivities or reactions, girl go on and get your vegan life poppin'!


Now, let's talk about vegetarians

Also known as vegan's little sassy sister, she's about that green life too!

But ms. Vegetarian is like,

"Girl i'm not going to be all that strict (side eye)! I need some milk in my life and I love a good ol' omelet at brunch chile, so cut it out with your strict stuff!" (Sucks teeth)

You're never going to see a vegetarian eating a burger.

You're never going to see a vegetarian having good smothered chicken either, that's never going to happen!

You're never going to see a vegetarian having fish (ooh fried fish!) Vegetarians are like, "miss me with the fish."

But you will see a vegetarian enjoying a cup of milk, tho.


You'll also see a vegetarian having a good ol' egg sandwich and she'll be wearing a leather jacket. (just kidding, don't come for me yall!)

If you're considering going down the path of becoming a vegetarian, remember no meat, poultry or fish. But yes to non-meat animal products like eggs, dairy, bone broth and collage.

In fact, food sensitivities + personal preferences aside, you could have any "non-meat animal product"as long as you're not actually biting into a piece of meat, poultry or fish.


Ok girl, let's get into this plant-based lifestyle, but hold on let me sip my water, whew!

Someone who eats plant-based has a diet that is majority vegetable based.

Plant-based person: "I prefer having veggies, veggies are my thing."

But plant-based people do, can and are known to eat meat fish and poultry.

Also plant-based person: "But If I want a burger, I'm going to have a burger."

Imagine that I used to be a carnivore and that I used to love sausage and peppers.

Now picture me twenty years later with a desire to have cleaner versions of the foods that I used to love.


In this case plant-based living is lit for me because now I can go and emulate so many of the flavors and textures of animal-based products that i used to enjoy in these streets!

A major plus for the plant-based lifestyle is that meat-eaters could either cut out or minimize their meat in-take in a way that's delicious and non-polarizing.

If you're someone who would like to increase your vegetable consumption outside of, you know, having to chop up celery and carrots all the time just because you want a veggie burger, girl have at it!

But Plant-based living does get a little tricky, Sis...

And we're gonna take our time to talk about this piece because I feel this is a part that people can struggle with or really get confused by.

Because there's Plant-based, and then there's Whole food Plant-based.


Lol... let me tell you, hold on...

Picture the 'whole food plant-based girl'.

She goes into her market and she is in the produce section like nobody's business.

She spends her time choosing her different vegetables and when she walks by the "plant-based packaged products", she is having none of it.

WF Plant-Based Person: "I am minimizing my body's exposure to processed foods. I don't want faux meat - faux nothing."

She is not here for the fake plant-based products, the faux plant-based products or the the highly processed plant-based products.


Whole food plant-based girl just wants her good old-fashioned apple and carrots picked from their natural habitats. (aka aisle 1. )

One thing's for sure, no matter what direction you decide to take, go before you begin your brand new green queen journey there are some things that you may want to consider getting into in your kitchen!

Kitchen Tip #1: Get Organized

Like, legit organized.

I’m not talking about pretty containers - that's cool if that's your lane, but..

the foundation of organization is being able to put your hands on the things that you need, when you need them.

That means everything in your kitchen having a place, and that you get to go right back to that place to get that thing without having to think too much.

Including dig through a bunch of stuff just to get to the one thing.

Kitchen Tip #2: Refresh the Fridge

There is nothing better than opening up your refrigerator and seeing all these beautiful green, orange and yellow colors staring you in the face.

When you're transitioning from a processed lifestyle to a vegetable-focused lifestyle, opening your fridge and seeing all these beautiful healthy looking vibrant vegetables and fruits is going to do nothing but inspire you/motivate you to stay on track.

And, it's also a flex. Get into it!


Kitchen Tip #3: Clear your kitchen counters

Whether you're plant-based, vegan or vegetarian, walking into your kitchen to set yourself up to cook on a nice clear space is clutch.

It doesn't have to be a large space and it certainly doesn't even have to be your counter!

I am from Harlem, NYC and I grew up in apartments, so I am all about apartment living.

I also know how to make counter space out of nothing.

All you need is a little island or a dining room table - even your desk will do.

Clear a space that you can dedicate as your prepping area, and the next time you cook you'll feel like you're on in a cooking show because it's lit.

Watch me break it down below...


My name is Nicole Orisich

I'm a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), an AIP Certified Coach (Autoimmune Paleo) and the "IT Girl" at Keep it Cute Kitchen (K.I.C.K.) If you have questions or content requests, click here, and follow me on YouTube and Instagram.

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