5 Reasons Why the Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle Works for Me

I am a Black woman with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and I follow an anti inflammatory diet - mostly.

If you don't know what Hashimoto's is, take a look at a story I did on my Sisterlocks hair page attempting to make it make sense. :)

So how do I even define the anti-inflammatory diet?

First of all I just want to make a clear distinction that I'm not talking about the AIP (aka: Autoimmune Paleo or the Autoimmune Protocol).

Both of which are scientifically backed eating patterns designed to help people with autoimmunity, identify their food triggers.

While I have gone through the AIP elimination/re-intro diet before, I prefer to lean into anti-inflammatory eating as a lifestyle because it's easier for me to just avoid eating the foods that have potential to trigger symptoms, altogether.

And then if I choose to eat my triggers, that will be on me.

How I like to describe my Anti-inflammatory lifestyle is: the practice of eating in a nutrient-focused way while avoiding eating the foods that will make my stomach hurt.


Hashimoto's may look different for everyone, but since certain foods can sometimes trigger inflammation in people with autoimmune disease, when I eat something that my digestive system struggles with, my body's going to let me know.

Through stomach cramps, swollen knees, stiffness in my hips, and sometimes stiffness behind my ankles which can make walking hard to do.

It's taken me some time to get to know what my symptoms were because when you're used to 'not feeling good' all the time, so many things can be occurring around the clock that you just kind of stop noticing.

But I did my work.

I took control of my kitchen in support of my health - from the foods that I eat to the cookware that I use - and these are 5 reasons why the anti-inflammatory diet is poppin' for me:

  1. It makes it easy to choose what to eat

  2. Boundaries are constantly reinforced in my kitchen

  3. Food flares are much more obvious - which motivates me to avoid having them

  4. Ordering at restaurants is beyond easy

  5. Living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle puts me in the driver's seat of my health from plate to plate

I understand that food (whether anti-inflammatory or not) isn't going to cure my condition.

But I can say with complete certainty that removing the foods that trigger my symptoms, absolutely makes me feel better.

Watch me break down below...


My name is Nicole Orisich

I am an empty-nest Mom, a wife and a Black woman thriving with Hashimoto's hypothyroidism. I know what it's like to overcome my own struggles with diet and lifestyle changes and as an Autoimmune Diet + Lifestyle Coach, I am here to help other Black women do the same.

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