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Helping my sisters in autoimmunity, feel like themselves again.

What is Your Autoimmune Diet and Lifestyle IQ?
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My name is Nicole. I am an empty nest Mom, a Wife and a Black woman thriving with Hashimoto's.

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What's Your Autoimune Diet and Lifestyle IQ?

Begin your journey of anti-inflammatory realness and find your personal path to feeling like yourself again. 

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Learn what it takes to reach next level self-care despite living with autoimmunity.

Compliments to the Queen

Nicole, I love your video and your channel. I also feel that a lot of Black women suffer from Thyroid conditions without knowing.

My mom just found out that she has Hashimoto's by working with a specialist for another condition. Her PCP never did any lab work for it, prior.


I think it's beautiful what you are doing with your channel.

- Nekeshia S.


I'm a Black woman with Hashimoto's

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